Garbage Pail Kids

  2. Barnyard Barney
  3. Title 5
  4. Title 6
  5. Title 7
  6. Title 8
  7. Title 7
  8. Title 8
  9. Title 9
  10. Title 10


When assigned a project by Topps to sketch cards we are required to  draw established characters posing in the same way as they are in the originals but  that does not mean we can't be creative in other ways. This is how i see it.   When ever I am asked to do a project I like to gather up ideas  that would fit the theme  .  I do this by picking characters that fit the theme, or colors that would give the feeling of the theme.  For example in this series, I chose more subdued colors like Sepia toned Cards , Black and White cards ,and war characters.
However so it is not all gloom and doom, I did include som basic GPK characters with my own twist.  In this series you will notice a lot of black and white puzzles.  These are rare because I like to work with color sketches,  but I thought the black and white fit the theme better.    So here they are for you collectors out there see how many of these you can get , I would love to know who got them.