If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We will reply within 24 hours.

Art Project GUIDELINES  & Instructions

Here is what you do.  Contact us and leave us your address and we will send you 3- 5 blank cards. These cards are yours to keep.  You are to choose from the categories below, or you can do one of each.   Once you have finished drawing, just submit them through our Facebook page, or contact us on this site.   Your art will be posted on "My Sketchy Characters" Facebook group page and on this site.  Do your best work some editors may be viewing this page. Some may be chosen to have it in print.  If so then bonus items will be given such as your printed card and a thank you gift.  We are still working out the details on the printed cards.  Most likely for charity. 


Accepting the challenge means you will allow us to post your art and use it.  For use of your art you will be compensated by keeping your original art for sale, or for your own use.  Full credit will be given to you.  If we print them we will sell them and use part of the proceeds for charity.  
1.  No completely nude or sexual content. Granny strippers are oak but done tastefully , as long as they have something on. Rated pg.  

2. Nothing will be accepted against any religion, or in bad taste.  If anything is posted like this it will be removed.  Remember we want funny gags but not evil ones. Nothing against race, or religion, sex.

3.  If you want to add words it is O.K., you can also tell us what you want on it and we will add it professionally.  Or if you draw the cartoon balloon then leave enough space to be edited in case it needs to be cleaned up or straightened up a bit.  

4.  When you send it to us, please make sure it is at least 300 dpi, highest quality, jpg, or png, or pdf or send us the cards and we will do this and send it back to you ASAP. 

Those chosen will get the printed card, as well as a thank you gift. 

1. GRANNIES GONE WILD AKA SILLY SENIORS (Just draw seniors doing something unexpected, funny, or crazy situations),


3.KIDS VS CREATURES ( Ex. Kids vs bugs, cryptic creatures, aliens, monsters,)    We may turn this into a game, so make strong, weak, sick or silly characters. Or consider the idea when creating your character.

Important... you cannot draw any licensed characters. Create your own characters.  No GPK, it is owned by Topps.

 We will send you the cards and you get to keep them just show them on our site.     Note* SOME of you may be selected to have your card printed. Just pm us for details. If we get enough participants we may get the cards printed and given to charity.   Please try to sign up by September 1st so we know how many cards to send. Those who choose kids vs Creatures will get the sketchy character kids edition cards.

Hey Kids, we will be doing a separate challenge for you in October. Have fun. You can PM me for details.